Time Table Of The History Of Marktleuthen

1314 Marktleuthen as "Leuken" first mentioned in a record
1354 Albrecht Nothaft from Tyerstein acquired the "Village Leuken"
1356 Großwendern as "Zwendorn" first mentioned in a record, also Habnith
1368 Neudes as "Nydessen" first mentioned in a record
1368 Holzmühl as "Holczmül" first mentioned in a record
1386 The Marktleuthen Court Of Justice first mentioned in a record
1398 The Margrave Of Meissen aquired the castle Thierstein with all its properties (so also the village Leuken)
about 1400 Margrave Wilhelm the 1st vested us the rights of a market and first own signet
1415 Own heraldic picture
1415/20 The Burggraves of Nuremberg (Hohenzollern) aquired "Marck zu Leuken"
1429 Fortification of Marktleuthen because of threatening by the Hussites and incorporation of the adjacent village Rohrsbach because of the same reason.
1477 First record of a judge in Marktleuthen
1485 Eckenmuehle first mentioned in a record
1497 Neudorf first mentioned in a record
1499 Ruggenmuehle first mentioned in a record
1518 Mentioning of the "Galgenberg" (gallows mountain) in Marktleuthen as a place of executation
1522 Beer-conflict with Kirchenlamitz
1577 First great fire which destroyed the whole market place with the church, schoolhouse, town-hall and rectory.
1590 Construction of the six-arches bridge over the Eger, made from granite-stones
ca. 1600 Foundation of the scattered settlement "Aufm Forst bey Markt Leuthen", now "Leuthenforst"
1610 Foundation of Neumühle
1641 2nd great fire which destroyed 71 houses and 39 barns.
1691 3rd great fire (caused by lightning strike) which destroyed 14 houses and 10 barns
ca. 1703 Neudorf Mill first mentioned in a record
1706 Neudes Mill first mentioned in a record
1738 Completion of the granite-stone bridge in Wendenhammer
1765 Great overflow of the Eger
1785 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe visited Marktleuthen and noted in his journal: Marktleuthen is built on granite.
1792 After discharge of Margrave Alexander Marktleuthen became Prussian.
1806 Marktleuthen became French!
1808 First "Tauschmarkt", a market for the farmers of the region.
1810 Marktleuthen became Bavarian.
1816/17 Bad famine year
1822 Reconstruktion of our town-hall.
1829 New Name "Markt Leuthen"
1843 4th great fire (207 houses)
1877/78 The construction of the railway from Regensburg to Hof, which crosses over the Eger-Valley in Marktleuthen on a viaduct made of local granite, brought the beginning of industrialization.
1882 Shutting down of the post station in Marktleuthen.
1882 Foundation of the "Kapuziner-brewery" (Gebhardt)
1882 Foundation of a glass factory
1888 Foundation of the "Loewen-brewery" (Döbereiner)
1890 Foundation of the stone grinding in Neumuehle (Vates)
1897 Foundation of the porcellain factory "Drechsel Strobel"
1898 Foundation of the brewery "Gustav Köppel"
1902 Foundation of the brewery "A. Goldschadt"
1903 Heinrich Winterling from Rehau aquired the porcellain factory. In this days it is the outstanding porcellain factory Winterling.
1905 Foundation of the stone grinding Zuerner Reichel
1905 Foundation of the granite processing factory in Wendenhammer (Salomon Zuerner)
1905 Foundation of the stone processing factory "Paul Jacob"
ca. 1909 First power station (worked only until 1913)
1909/10 Foundation of the first hospital
1913/15 Construction of the first school house
ca. 1919 Shutting down of the Kapuziner-brewery and conversion to a paint factory
1924 Paving of the market-place and the lanes around
1924 Inauguration of the cemetery building
1927/28 Foundation of the kindergarten
1928 Contruction of the water supply
1934 Foundation of the first outskirts housing project, the "Jacobsbau"
1945 Occupation of the town through American troops on April 19th
1951 Foundation of the second housing project, the "Kappel"
1953 Foundation of the third housing project, the "Forstwegsiedlung"
1954 Receipt of the freedom of a city
1956 Inauguration of the catholical church
1963 bis 1968 Straightening of the Eger river to beware of floods and construction of the new bridge over the river.
1964 Foundation of the industrial area "Wenderner Weg"
1965 Shutting down of the glass factory
1966 Inauguration of the great sporting-hall
1977 Shutting down of the "Löwen-brewery"
1978 Bavarian territory reform incorporated the villages around to Marktleuthen
1980 666 years anniversary of the first mentioning of the town in a record (1314 to 1980)